About Us

What is YMCA Guides?

The YMCA Guides of South Brevard is a program designed to foster companionship and understanding between parent and child, in a wholesome atmosphere that emphasizes fun, adventure and a shared sense of discovery. Other components of the program focus on building the child’s self esteem, an appreciation for nature and good community citizenship.

About the program…

The YMCA Guides Program (formerly Indian Guides) dates back to 1926 and has more then 250,000 participants across the country. It’s the largest and oldest family life program of the YMCA. The program has been active in Brevard County for more than 40 years. Participants include both the parent and child/children ages ranging from 5-10 years of age (See Trail Blazers for 11-18 year olds). There are approximately 10 parent/child units to a “Tribe”. The combined Tribes in an area make up a Nation. The tribes have a charter to be one, or a combination, of the following themes (a parent can sponsor both a boy and girl in the same or separate tribes):

  • Guides – Father/Son
  • Princesses – Father/Daughter 
  • Braves – Mother/Son 
  • Maidens – Mother/Daughter
  • Family – Both Parents & Child

Activities of the program include:

  • Monthly Tribe Meetings
  • Progressive Award System 
  • Bi-Yearly Nation Pow-Wows
  • Monthly Nation Event
  • Nation Camping *
  • Monthly Parent’s Planning Meeting 


Tribes generally consist of 5-10 parents and 5-15 children. The tribes meet once a month at a member’s house. Meeting activities include reciting of the program “Aims”, scouting reports by the children, award activity presentations, a craft and refreshments.

Awards System

The Adventure Guides Awards system is a multilevel program consisting of five awards groups that progress in difficulty and are designed to accomplish specific objectives. The activities require both parent and child participation. Individual accomplishments are awarded at tribe meeting while group completion awards are presented in front of the Nation at the bi-yearly Pow-Wow council ceremony.

Nation Pow-Wow

The nation Pow-Wows occur in the spring and the fall. They are weekend campouts that feature competitive parent/child games between tribes, displaying tribal property for competition between tribes, making crafts, campfire story telling and a Saturday night council bon fire ceremony.

Nation Events

Nation events occur once a month except for the months of the Pow-Wows. Many of the events have an element of competition between tribes. Some of the events include the following:

  • Manatee Swim
  • Great Fish Catch
  •  Winter Wind Kite Event
  • Chule Car Race
  • Melbourne Christmas Parade
  • Bowling for Buffalos
  • Summer Beach Party
  • End of Year Picinic
  • State Pow-Wow (camp with all Nations of Florida)


During the months between October and April, there are camping opportunities for those that wish to participate. There are tribal camps that the tribes plan as well as Nation camps. Examples of the nation camps include the Harvest Moon Halloween camp at Wekiva, the New Years Camp at Sheriff’s Lake and the Spring Camp at Moss Park.

Membership Dues…

  • New Members - $35 for each parent and child.
  • Returning Members - $30 for each parent and child.
  • Dues waiver will be considered for financial hardships.
  • Membership Includes:
    • Monthly News Letter
    • Headbands and Patches for participants
    • Awards
    • Monthly Nation Event Hosting and Refreshments
    • A lifetime of memories!

Trail Blazers…

The Trailblazers program is an extension of the Adventure Guides. It’s a program for parents with kids 11-18 years of age. The program is still in development in Brevard County. It will feature more outings with a higher level of challenges for the youth. If you interested in being a part of this program or helping to facilitate it, please contact us for further details.

Contact Information

For further information and questions, contact us by the email or call the South Brevard YMCA at 321-259-2929.