Inaugural Issue of the Online "Talking Tom-Tom" Newsletter

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Well, "Hello!", Caluas Nation members. Since this is the first 'so-called' issue of the Talking Tom-Tom generated from the new web site, I'm gonna keep it short and just let you know about a couple of new additions to the web site.

First... by popular demand.... Notifications!!

Whe I was demonstrating the new site at your tribe meetings in September, I got numerous reuests to add notifications to the site. 

"What are notifications?", you ask. Notifications are the ability for the website to send regular emails notifying you when new content has been posted.  For instance, Running Bronco posted the results of the Great Fish Catch at the end of September... but how many have actualy read it?  How many even know it's out there?  Well, Notifications will take care of that. 

Now, any time someone posts new content to the web site, you'll receive an email letting you kow.  It's that simple. You can choose to be notified for new content or comments.  It's your choice.

To change you notification prefences, log in to the web site, click the 'My Account' link on the left and then cick the 'Notification settings' tab at the top.

Next... Newsletters.

This new function gives us the ability to generate the Talking Tom-Tom newsletter right from the website and send a notice to everyone who is subscribed a notiication and link to the newsletter.

This new function gives the ability for you to subscribe(or not) to the Talking Tom-Tom newsletter.  Since I just added this feature, I went ahead and subscribed everyone (who has registered on the site) to the newsletter.  So... if you're reading this, you're subscribed.  :-)

To change you newsletter subscription prefences, log in to the web site, click the 'My Account' link on the left and then cick the 'Manage my subscriptions' link on your user page.


Well that' about it for this edition.  Look for another edition coming soon that includes much more information about upcoming events.  As always, if you have any questions, you can contact me.