Group 2 - Gold Tip Feather Awards


Learn about Great Spirit's work.

Red Feather/Gold Tip

Feed and care for an animal solely for two weeks. Share experience with tribe.

White Feather/Gold Tip

Collect 10 different seashells. Identify each shell and display to tribe.

Blue Feather/Gold Tip

Identify 3 different types of clouds in a drawing and display to tribe. Monitor the weather for 1 week, keeping a log of rain, cloudy/sunny, high temperature and low temperature. Share experience with tribe.

Yellow Feather/Gold Tip

Collect 10 different insects. Identify each insect and display to tribe.

Aqua Feather/Gold Tip

Collect 10 different tree leaves. Identify each leaf and display to tribe.

Orange Feather/Gold Tip

Find 3 different animal tracks. Draw a picture of each track, identify and display to tribe.

Black or Brown Feather/Gold Tip

Make and display to tribe any one of the following items of Indian Lore:

  • war shield
  • breastplate
  • necklace
  • armband
  • Indian jewelry.